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Your Guide To Spring Swimming Pool Maintenance

Swimming pool maintenance is an important part of pool ownership, and it’s especially important for pool owners living in Spring Lake, New Jersey. From pool filtration systems to chemical balancing, pool coverings, and more, you need to consider several factors when maintaining your swimming pool.

Over 10 million homes in the United States have an in-ground pool. Most swimming pool owners spend a lot of time hanging out about this great home addition. If you want to get your pool ready for springtime, it’s time to take action.

Here are some things you need to do to prepare your pool for warmer weather.

Test and Balance Water Chemicals

One of the first things you have to do to get your pool ready for spring is to test and balance the pool water chemistry. A pool professional from a pool company in Spring Lake, NJ, can help you with this all-important process. The chemical balance ensures the pool water will remain safe and healthy for swimming.

It also helps to prevent bacteria growth and algae blooms that can cause staining, pool surface damage, and unhealthy pool water. The pool professional will use a pool test kit to measure the pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, and other levels in the pool water. When these levels are balanced correctly, it helps to keep your pool sparkling clean.

Check Pool Safety Features

It’s also important to check the pool’s safety features, such as pool alarms and pool covers. Having pool alarms installed is an especially important part of pool safety as it can alert you if someone falls into the pool. An alarm system can also be set up to monitor pool chemicals and water temperatures.

Many Spring Lake, NJ pool owners opt to use pool covers for added safety and protection. Pool covers can keep pool water warm during the summer months.

Clean Skimmers, Pumps, Filters and Ladders 

Cleaning skimmers, pumps, filters and ladders is also an essential step in the spring pool maintenance process. Skimmers are the devices used to remove debris like leaves and twigs from pool water. It is important to clean the skimmer baskets regularly to avoid clogging and ensure proper filtration. Cleaning pool pump strainer baskets should also be done regularly to ensure that pool water is circulating properly.

The pool filter is the heart of pool maintenance, removing dirt, debris and bacteria from pool water. Pool filters need to be cleaned or replaced depending on your filter type. Cartridge filters can be easily hosed down for cleaning. Sand filters need to be back washed and DE filters require special handling.

Ladders should also be checked regularly for any loose screws or rusting bolts, which can easily create an unsafe pool area.

Swimming Pool Maintenance is Essential

Overall, pool maintenance is a key part of owning an in-ground pool. Trident Pools can assist you if you are living in Spring Lake, NJ and looking for pool services or advice on how to maintain your pool this spring.

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