Three Reasons To Use A Pool Safety Cover

Spring is where you start ramping up with key maintenance and cleanouts for operational pool systems. That’s one of the more evident times to be messing around with a pool. 

But there are other big seasonal moments in pool maintenance, too. The quickly approaching autumn season is where you batten down a pool at the end of its useful season and prepare it for winter.

In many cases, that means draining the pool in question and also covering it with a high quality protective setup, something that people can’t fall into, and something that won’t allow detritus underneath. 

Here are some of the reasons why pool covers are so important…


In the beginning of the spring season, you want to be able to come in and pull the cover off of a clean and sanitary pool that you can fill with water and fine-tune for daily use.

Without a cover, all sorts of debris get stuck into the pool’s concavity, which can be difficult to deal with when spring arrives. Leaves are one of the usual suspects, but other tree offerings can stick in drains and vents and cause problems as well.


Without a sufficient pool cover, these openings can be dangerous for both people and animals.

“A barrier, such as a fence that is at least 4 feet high, must surround the pool or spa,” writes an expert at this Washington State pool safety site. “The gate or door must be self-closing and self-latching with the latch out of a child’s reach. If the house serves as one side of the barrier, there must be an alarm on doors that have direct access to the pool… A power safety pool cover or safety cover for spas is another barrier option. The safety cover must meet ASTM standard F1346-91. If the safety cover meets standards, additional barriers, such as fencing, may be optional – check with your local city or county building department.”

To cut down on your own liability as the owner of a pool, a sophisticated pool covering setup is a must.

Investing in Accessories

In general, a pool safety cover is a good part of an overall comprehensive set of accessories for making sure that pools are kept in the best condition over time.

Besides all of the above reasons, having a pool cover on your pool provides that impressive attractive look on the off-season.

We know a lot about how to deal with these major property amenities all the way through the year. Take a look at the website for more about the process of maintaining your inground or above ground pool and how to get the most out of something that you’ve invested quite a bit of money in. We’re proud to be part of the local community offering tips and tricks for better pool maintenance over time.


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